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Missouri Cancer Registry & Research Center

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MCR-ARC InstantAtlas Cancer Data Portal

MCR-ARC presents county-level health data for the state of Missouri in a dynamic report generator. InstantAtlas is an interactive, user-friendly system for visualizing health-related data in which a wide range of health indicators can be viewed in either single or double map displays combined with tables and plots.

These reports are designed to help researchers, health professionals, and interested members of the public explore a subset of the cancer data maintained by MCR-ARC corresponding to several of the most common types of cancer. Furthermore, some reports, such as the two highlighted below, additionally contain non-cancer information, including leading non-cancer causes of death, behavior risk factors, socioeconomic status, and demographics, gathered from a variety of sources. This helps provide a more complete picture of the state of health in each county.

Cancer, Demographics, and Behavioral Risks
Double Map

This report displays two indicators simultaneously along with a scatter-plot or a table to show relationships at the county level. For example, with this report one can see the relationship between the cancer mortality rate and the percentage of adults with less than a high school education. It is important to note that correlation does not imply causation, but these scatter-plots can give an indication of factors that tend to co-occur and may be helpful in guiding decisions and planning interventions to reduce the burden of cancer and eliminate health inequalities.

See the Area Health Profile sister report to compare a particular county against the remaining counties and for statistical significance testing versus the state and nation.

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Cancer, Demographics, and Behavioral Risks
Area Health Profile

This report shows a single map and focuses on displaying many indicators for a selected county. The indicators for the county are compared to other counties, the state, and the nation along with the results of statistical significance testing. This report allows the user to generate a comprehensive listing of information about a particular county of interest. These profiles may aid decision makers in letting them quickly identify counties with a high cancer burden as well as being able to see how those counties compare among other related indicators that may be relevant to planning interventions to reduce the burden of cancer.

For example, with this report one can see that Pemiscot County in southeast Missouri has a significantly low incidence rate of malignant cancer being diagnosed overall, yet those tumors that are diagnosed are being found at later stage of disease and the county's cancer mortality rate is high. Moreover, the data indicate that the population of Pemiscot has relatively high rates of low educational attainment, low income, and current cigarette use.

See the Double Map sister report to see the county-level relationship between two indicators.

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What Is InstantAtlas?

InstantAtlas is an interactive, internet-based mapping tool, licensed to and supported by the Missouri Cancer Registry and Research Center, which allows users to visually display 1) cancer incidence data reported to the Missouri Cancer Registry as required by Missouri Statutes (192.650-192.657 RSMo) and augmented by data obtained from other sources as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) National Program of Cancer Registries (NPCR); and 2) additional health-related data (e.g., mortality data, behavioral risk factor data, etc.) that helps provide a more complete picture of health in a county or district in Missouri. MCR-ARC's InstantAtlas project is supported in part by a cooperative agreement between CDC and the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) (5NU58DP003924-04) and a Surveillance Contract between DHSS and the University of Missouri.

InstantAtlas was designed to present statistics in a more user-friendly way. By using InstantAtlas, information and data can be viewed and displayed in a variety of formats (example: charts, tables, maps), and allows easy comparison of different areas (example: counties, regions, measures, years).